" This World Is Ours! " - Governer Christopher Of Malta

Introduction Edit

The Pritianesian Empire was a totalitarian Empire that reached its peak in 1814. It was first founded when the Old British Empire formed with the Persian Empire, creating a state that eventually took over the world in the 2 years war.

Columbian-Pritianesian War Edit

The Meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek Oil Painting

Hayra I and Sir Jamesone meeting in the city of Bagdad.

After their complete takeover of the planet apart from Oceania and South America, they began to focus on civil improvements, which included the development of the State Of Malta and the Royal Chinese Industrial State. However, due to the Lyon Massacre, rebellions popped up around the country, and in 1814, they went to war against the Columbian Dynasty.

Horace Vernet-Barricade rue Soufflot

A painting of the Rebellions in the State Of Malta

During the Columbian-Pritianesian War, many states fell to rebels who were trying to take back their old countries.While this was happening, the Dynasty had been gifted with good luck, as in just 1 year they had almost reached The Northern City in Canada. Then, a final straw was pulled. There was a large invasion of New Europe, ending with the treaty of London, which gave power back to all of the nations in Europe.

A New World Edit

The Persians saw this red flag and split back into their own country. The remenants of the Pritianesian Empire retreated back into Africa in the winter of 1840. The Columbian Dynasty shaped the rest of the world into what it was before (mostly) and got rid of the totalitarianist regime overall and installed libertarianism regimes in all the new states.


The Signing of the 'New World Act'

The Dynasty then created the 'New World Act', that declared totalitarianism was a crime against the world, and banned it out right. If any nation decided to go the path of totalitarianism, every nation under the act would declare war on this nation.