" The Soldiers had no mercy for even the youngest of the civilians " - Charles Pikiov

The Lyon Massacre was an Event in which the Pritianesian Empire gunned down over 140 rebels and 900 innocent civilians. It was around this time that the majority of the rebellions began, leading to speculation that it was because of this incident.

09:00 Edit

In the morning there was light protesting against the assassination of freedom-sympathiser, Gerald Montgomery. The Lyon Police Department did little as the protesters moved to the main square in the city.

13:00 Edit

By midday, the protesters had engaged the Police Force after they killed one of the rebels. The Police Force was overpowered as they retreated to the Great Square.

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The Lyon Massacre

The civilians were crushed as they tried to escape.

By 3'o clock, the Army had arrived and gunned down the crowds. Many of the Civilians caught up in the crowd were shot dead by the Empire who suspected them of being sympathisers, and by dusk, the majority of the protesters had been killed or had fled the scene. The remaining people were arrested.

Deaths Edit

43 147 924
126 578 1245

The Graph shows the deaths/injuries for the Pritianesian Empire, Lyon Rebel Union and Civilians. The first row shows Deaths and second Injuries