Introduction Edit

The Columbian Dynasty was an empire that ruled South America in the times between 1809-1876. They were the longest lasting Empire in the 1800s and they helped destroy the Pritianesians. They were formed in 1807 and split into the Republic Of South America in 1877.


Colombian Soldiers fighting near Panama

Colombian-Pritianesian War Edit

At Midday on July 2nd, 1814, the Pritianesian Empire declared war on the Empire. Fierce fighting erupted throughout central America. After the fierce war was over, they created the 'New World Act', which sought to bring everlasting peace to the world.

The New World And Past Edit


The battle of Mexico City in 1878

After the signing of the 'New World Act', the Columbian Dynasty helped re-draw the map of the world, restoring power to old nations and new rebellions. However, in 1877, the 'Republic Of South America' a new democratic regime rose up in a civil war against the old nation. The new nation sought to spread the new government type across the world, which was successful in the long run. The Columbian Dynasty was only given a small amount of land in Mexico, and the rest was split up into different countries.